ArcBlock Monthly Review (March 2019)

March was exciting month as ArcBlock officially released one of several upcoming new products to the general public.

On March 29th, the ArcBlock team released the public beta of ABT Network on schedule, and delivered the world's first blockchain network to connect multiple "interconnected" blockchains in a completely decentralized manner. This next generation of blockchain infrastructure accomplished ArcBlock's designated goal of the 2019 Product Roadmap for the first quarter, and more importnatly laid the foundation for the next quarter focusing on the "Applications." Over the next several weeks, ArcBlock will release ABT nodes, Forge Framework, ArcWallet and several DID-based applications.

Products & Engineering



ABT network

  • ABT Network has been iterated over 97 internal versions, merged 315 commits, resolved 290 issues, and completed 12 milestones in the first three months of 2019, At the time of the official release of the public beta, the first elemental chains named after the chemical elements "Argon," "Bromine" and "Titanium" debuted. Details: ArcBlock Launches ABT Network
  • The, universal block explorer and an improving one-click chain tool were launched at the same time as the ABT Network;
  • The ABT Network login for the website, the Wallet and the Forge chain based is accomplished as well as the payment process debugging.

ABT Node:

  • WEB interface supports GraphQL Playground and so on.

Forge Framework

  • The internal version is updated to v0.20.1, which adds a Build Release compatible with Mac, Ubuntu, and Centos OS.
  • The check-in transaction type PokeTx is added, which is convenient for developers to receive testing token when the ABT Network is online;
  • The Mempool Backpressure mechanism to improve its stability;
  • Developer documentation is updated.


  • DID Workshop and Event Chain have almost arrived at the official release product that is perfectly integrated with ABT Wallet.

GitHub development progress weekly report


  • Tyr Chen, VP of Engineering and Sun Boshan a leading software engineer, were invited to speak at Code BEAM SF 2019 and gave a keynote speech in early March. How was the conference? How were the talks received? ArcBlock's team provided some feedback following the event -ArcBlock Attends CodeBEAM SF.


  • On March 15th, Robert Mao, the founder and CEO of ArcBlock attended "Prophet Project Q&A" to introduce how ArcBlock is building the foundation of a successful blockchain application and answered questions about the upcoming ABT Network and ABT wallet. Details:


  • On March 29, Robert Mao participated in the Odaily Live Interview to introducethe ABT chain network to be released on the next day.


Technical Learning

  • On March 6th at 1:30 pm, ArcBlock Technical Training No. 19 "Dapps Development: DID" was taught by ArcBlock Chief Architect and CEO Robert Mao.
  • On March 13th at 1:30 pm, ArcBlock Technical Training, Issue 20, by ArcBlock engineer Sun Boshan introduced the HTTPS protocol and its inheritance and inspiration with today's blockchain technology.
  • At 1:00 pm on March 20th, ArcBlock Technical Training No. 21, "Programmable Pass, Dapps Building Fundamentals", was taught by Robert Mao.

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ArcBlock team has increased the output of high-quality original content since March to present in-depth analysis on the trend and products of blockchain technology for ArcBlock consensus building, and received enthusiastic feedback from the media and the community.


  • ABT Consensus Community

Since ArcBlock announced the decentralized governace for ArcBlock communities on March 1st, the ABT Consensus Community organized by community users has increased to more than 6,000 people, and launched WeChat Account(ID: ABTGSSQ) to share