ArcBlock Monthly Review (April 2019)

After successfully completing the goal of “weaving the chain for the net” in the first quarter of the 2019 roadmap, in April, ArcBlock team entered the second quarter with the theme of “application is king”, ArcBlock released the ABT Blockchain Node followed the rhythm of one small release for two weeks, one big release for each month. Robert Mao, the Founder and CEO attended a series of important events in China and Silicon Valley including visiting partners and completing several Interviews with the media. In order to achieve the 2019 goals, ArcBlock is continuing to release their platform products and gaining more traction in the industry as the go-to-place for developers to build blockchains and DApps.

Product Development


ABT chain node: officially released on April 13th, this is the world's easiest blockchain node software, which helps users, developers and enterprises connect to the network, as well as easily manage and run their decentralization. Applications (DApps) and blockchain services. Details:

Forge SDK is being finalized for public distribution including updates to:

  • Forge Core: _ Added support to Cross Chain/Asset factory/Auto upgrade _ TX protocol improvements
  • Forge SDK: _ Code refactoring version upgrade _ Developer documentation optimization
  • Forge sample application: DID Workshop, Event Chain and TX protocol support synchronization, and iteratively iterate internal versions; community App enters conceptual design phase

ABT Wallet approved by Apple and Android stores.

GitHub development progress weekly report:

March 31 to April 6:

April 7th to April 13th:

April 14th to April 20th:

April 21st to April 27th:

Monthly Highlights

  • On April 16th, Robert Mao, the founder and CEO of ArcBlock visited Egretia, a HTML5 game blockchain engine platform in Beijing and discussed the development of blockchain technology and DApp with Huang Wei, the founder of Egretia. The companies will be focusing on creating increased collaboration and mutual opportunities in the future. Details:


  • On April 17, Robert Mao visited the Gravity Wave Interaction in Beijing. They are developing blockchain games with ABT network and Forge SDK. This visit further promote cooperation between the two sides.



  • During the period of Robert Mao’s travel in China, the ABT chain node was officially released on April 13th. During that time, Robert Mao visited Huawei and other leading cloud computing companies with ArcBlock team. Visits were made to companies including Huawei Cloud, Amazon AWS China, Microsoft Azure China and Yetayun.
  • On April 29th, Robert Mao was invited to attend the Huobi University Global Block Chain Empowerment Summit” in conjunction with Draper University and Silicon Valley Insights at the famous Hero City in Silicon Valley. Details:


  • On April 29th, Tyr Chen, Vice President president of Engineering at the ArcBlock, participated in the Spring Job Fair for the Greater Seattle Area, organized by the University of Washington Student Union. Details:


  • On April 29th, Robert Mao visited the strategic partner QuarkChain Silicon Valley Office to congratulate the next day's main network launch and discuss a series of cooperation events such as technical seminars and hackathons.


  • On the afternoon of April 30, Robert Mao gave a speech to nearly 40 students of the Global Blockchain Leadership Course (GBLP) of the University of Fire Capital in Shenzhen Bay, Silicon Valley, focusing on the overall development trend of blockchain technology and future application scenarios of cross-chain technology. Share its insights and hands-on experience with various implementations of cross-chain technology and the ArcBlock network technology architecture.


  • During travel at the Silicon Valley in April 29-30, Robert Mao and Marketing Director Matt McKinney visited Intel, Supermicro, and NIO US offices to discuss various aspects of cooperation between blockchain and computer hardware, and self-driving cars.


Media Interviews

  • On April 6th, Robert Mao accepted an interview with the Xiaocong Blockchain in Shanghai, and drafted < 2019 Blockchain Technology Trend Analysis and Outlook Blue Book> for Xiaocong Blockchain, it introduced the ArcBlock network technology. Details:
  • On April 7th, Robert Mao was the first interviewed guest in Hangzhou as a “Xiaogui Blockchain China Tour”. Interview:
  • On the afternoon of April 17, Robert Mao accepted an interview with Tianji Media in Beijing for 5 hours of video recording of the blockchain video media. Interview:


Community Activities

  • Q&A: At 12 o'clock on April 18th, the technical question and answer of the twentieth issue of the ArcBlock was held in the telegraph group.Try Chen, ​​vice president of R&D of ArcBlock, answered questions from community users about ABT networks and Chain nodes. Record:
  • Podcasts: Since April, ArcBlock has launched its own English podcast “Decentralized Me”, which has conducted a series of industry expert interviews to disseminate the latest blockchain technical knowledge and promote blockchain awareness. Currently interviewed Robert Mao, ArcBlock CEO, Tyr Chen, R & D Vice President of ArcBlock, ​​and Chris Boscolo, LIfe ID Founder, the specific program can be found at:
  • Article: On April 9th, Robert Mao published a column in the Chain News, "Is the SEC's latest guidance a green light for the application of certification? 》 Original link: