During the month of July, ArcBlock made some signfiicant upgrades to the Forge Framewrok and product development continued to progress at a rapid pace.



Reserach and Development

  • Bug Bash:

  • Token Swap Service:

  • Forge Core:

  • Forge CLI: start multiple chains
  • Forge Doc: new txs added and the new doc engine

GitHub Development Progress

Company Activities



  • On July 18th, CEO Robert Mao partipated in Token Club's live broadcast with Cao Huining, a professor of finance at Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business. The discussion will look at what impact will Libra have on the blockchain industry. In addition to discussing Libra's future from the perspective of US blockchain entrepreneurs, Robert Mao will also share his views on decentralized applications.


  • On July 19th, CEO Robert Mao attended the 2019 Digital Ecconomy Seminar hosted by the Deding Innovation Fund and Hainan Blockchain Association. Robert also participated ina roundable discussion entitled "The Telegram and Facebook Social Economy."


  • On July 22nd, Vice President of Public Relations Jean Chen participated in the Blockchain Odyssey in Nanjingthat was held by Jiangsu Digital Economy Chamber of Commerce, Jiangbei New District Science and Technology Cooperation Bureau and Jiangsu International Science and Technology Center.





  • On July 29th, ArcBlock Software Engineer Riley Shu delivered an "Introduction to Blockchain" overview to visiting students from Tsinghua University. The event was part of the Global Innovation Exchanges International Innovation Summer Camp help for top students.

Technical Learning Series






  • On July 20th, the event Blockchain 3.0 Consensus Forum was held by the ABT Consensus Community, IPFS Star Vision, Endless Community, Fuqiant Capital and New York Digital Dollar company in Shanghar. Several keynote presentations were given by CEO Robert Mao and VP of Public Relations Jean Chen.
  • On July 26th, the new ABT Consensus Community: ABT Torch Plan was launched to further promote the ArcBlock and ABT ecosystems nad development.