ArcBlock CEO, Robert Mao, joins TF Blockchain for a fireside chat discussing Decentralized Identity and In-Network Currency

On August 22, Robert Mao, CEO and Founder of ArcBlock, will participate in a fireside chat in Vancouver, Canada discussing the upcoming decentralized identity revolution and in-network currency.


Event Topic - "Decentralized Identity & In-Network Currency"

With companies like Facebook and Walmart recently announcing In-Network Currencies, will Decentralized Identity make its way into these traditionally centralized companies. This event will be highlighted with our fireside chat with CEO and blockchain expert, Robert Mao from ArcBlock. We will be discussing a range of topics including how consumers can keep their identities private in these new environments and with blockchain begin to be compensated for permissioning information. We will also look at what ArcBlock is doing to help make the use of decentralized identity a reality.

Anyone interested in joining the event can register at Eventbrite.

Decentralized Identity for Developers

did experience

ArcBlock is the first in the blockchain industry to make Decentralized Identity and blockchain easy. Leveraging ArcBlock's Forge Framework, they have created a complete end-to-end experience for developers allowing any DApp or service to leverage decentralized identity with just a few lines of code. Moreover, like Apple did with the iPhone, ArcBlock has also solved user experience challenges that enable end-users to leverage decentralized identity to manage their digital personas and assets easily.

To support these efforts, ArcBlock has created a developer ready W3C compliant DID that can replace identifiers such as an email address or username, and removes the need for 3rd parties to maintain digital identities on their servers. It’s rooted in blockchain, it's secure and uses distributed ledger technology to protect privacy and allow secure transactions.

Decentralized Identity for Users

wallet screenshots

ArcBlock also launched the ABT Wallet is first of its kind crypto wallet that is not only for crypto-assets but also a powerful and sophisticated DID key management system. The DID Wallet is critical to make DID technology accessible for consumers users. ABT Wallet is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, or visit to learn more.