ArcBlock To Attend Ethereum Classic Summit to showcase platform and discuss developing for blockchain 3.0, IoT, cross-chain interoperability, smart contracts and more.

Vancouver, BC - October 3, 2019


ArcBlock will be attending the Ethereum Classic Summit in downtown Vancouver, BC on October 3rd and 4th to showcase recent updates to ArcBlock's platform including recent updates to Forge Framework and their cross-chain services with upcoming Ethereum interoperability. The Ethereum Classic Summit presents a great opportunity to work with a leading group of companies and developers dedicated to the Ethereum community who are focused on creating a passionate community that takes Ethereum further towards mass adoption, unlimited smart contract capabilities and operate autonomously.

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ArcBlock will be joining other leading thought leaders and companies including Charles Hoskinson, BLOQ, ETC Labs, Bitmain, and Cosmos/Tendermint discussing a wide range of use cases and topic including IoT, cross-chain interoperability, market dynamics, smart contracts and other social topics that surround the industry today.

In addition to the ETC Summit, ArcBlock's team will also be attending the Ethereum DevCon in Osaka, Japan. Ethereum Devcon 5 is another great opportunity to showcase ArcBlock blockchain & dApps platform and recent updates including Blocklets to help developers build dApps quickly while ensuring perfect interoperability with Ethereum. In addition, ArcBlock is also planning a soft-launch of 1:1 Bidirectional Pegged Token Swap Service with could become a new design pattern for Ethereum interoperability and dApps development.