ArcBlock Devcon 2020 will be held in June, providing a virtual, open and accessible on-screen experience across multiple days and time zones for the global ArcBlock community and people who are concerned about decentralized identity and blockchain technology.

ArcBlock has announced that they are hosting ArcBlock DevCon 2020, a virtual developer conference experience across multiple days and time zones from June 19th to June 21st. Attendees can expect to hear from a range of industry leaders, ArcBlock’s team, customers, and familiar industry veterans in formats such as keynotes, chats, and panels, but with even more engagement via developer workshops, product demonstrations and live discussions. Our first developer conference is dedicated to providing a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of decentralized identity and blockchain technology innovation for the ArcBlock community and developers and enthusiasts all over the world.


Anyone who downloads the ABT Wallet will be able to register for the event for free, and paid DevCon attendees will receive prizes and benefits including access to the latest product technology previews, one-on-one technical support, a signed copy of ArcBlock's new boook and exclusive limited-edition NFTs including unique VIP cards.

During day 2 of the event, ArcBlock DevCon will focus on Developer Workshops and Online Hackathon. ArcBlock's engineers will provide hands-on coaching to developers and teams who are participating in the hackathon using ArcBlock's development tools and platforms. Participants in the hackathon receive cash, NFT, product and more from the sponsor's executive synod through a week of competition. The winning team can also add their apps to ArcBlock's Blocklet marketplace for immediate use by the developer community.

Pre Registration will begin next week on ArcBlock’s website and users will use their ABT Wallet to register and receive their event ticket.


When will ArcBlock DevCon 2020 take place?

The event will be held on June 19-20, 2020 in North America and June 20-21, 2020 in Asia. Additionally, event details will be coming soon.

Is ArcBlock Devcon 2020 an in-person event?

No, ArcBlock Devcon 2020 is a two-day virtual event. Our community has always been a remote-work, decentralized culture so it makes sense to go with a virtual event and share our latest updates, engaging customer stories and hearing from speakers who are actively building in the ArcBlock ecosystem. It is likely that later this year, ArcBlock will host an in-person event.

What is the cost to join ArcBlock DevCon 2020?

ArcBlock Devcon 2020 will include paid and free tickets. Attendees will use their ABT Wallet to register and get their tickets for the event. Registration details are coming soon.

Since ArcBlock Devcon is now virtual, can my teammates and friends attend?

We would love to have more people take advantage of this event. ArcBlock Devcon is for everyone including developers, designers, app builders and anyone who is interested in blockchain and decentralized identity. Registration details for the virtual event are coming soon.

Networking with other community members is a big reason I attend, so how are you going to offer that benefit virtually?

We will share more details over the coming weeks regarding how you can engage and interact with other attendees, speakers, sponsors, and partners. We are looking to host virtual rooms, breakout areas, virtual gardens, as well as provide networking/roundtable discussions that anyone can join.