ArcBlock R&D team is intensively preparing keynote speeches, product demonstrations and developer workshops for the upcoming ArcBlock DevCon 2021 which will be held in 6 days.


As predicted in "ArcBlock Platform to Unveil 2021", our R&D team will introduce and demonstrate ArcBlock technologies and products such as ABT nodes, DID wallets, Blocklet, NFT applications, etc. in a vivid way to give global developers and communities with a whole picture of ArcBlock’s Dapp development platform that integrated with self-sovereign identities, personal data storage and decentralized computing developed in the past three years.

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Keynotes & Demos

  • Opening: Building Blocks for Web 3.0 by Robert Mao, ArcBlock founder & chief architect
  • DEMO: ABT Node & Why It Matters by Shijun Wang, ArcBlock head of Engineering
  • DEMO: ABT Launcher & Why It Matters by Zhenqiang Zhang, ArcBlock engineer
  • Release & DEMO: DID Wallet by Nate Robinson, ArcBlock head of wallet & apps
  • DEMO: Blocklet, What It Is, Where We Are, How It Will Work by Chen Lin, ArcBlock engineer
  • DEMO: Block Explorer by Shan Huang, ArcBlock engineer
  • DEMO: Wallet Playground by Nate Robinson
  • DEMO Walkthrough: How We Use ArcBlock for All Our Products and Websites by Zhenqiang Zhang
  • DEMO Walkthrough: How We Build DevCon Site/ticket/NFT with ArcBlock by Han Zhang, ArcBlock engineer
  • Release & DEMO: NFT Marketplace by Shijun Wang
  • Closing: What's the Next in Our Roadmap by Robert Mao


  • How to Setup ABT Node for Development by Zhenqiang Zhang
  • ABT Node Walkthrough by Zhenqiang Zhang
  • DID and Verifiable Credentials and NFT by Shan Huang
  • ABT Wallet by Nate Robinson
  • Wallet Playground by Nate Robinson
  • Blocklet Development: Basic by Shijun Wang, Chen Lin, Peng Li, Han Zhang
  • Blocklet Development: Blocklet Service/Auth by Shijun Wang
  • Blocklet Development: Blocklet Service/Notification by Shijun Wang
  • Blocklet Development: Blocklet Components by Chen Lin
  • Blocklet Development: Blocklet Components/NFT Store by Han Zhang

DevCon Tickets

The tickets of ArcBlock DevCon 2021 has been officially on sale. This is the first NFT (Non-Fungible Token) ticket of developer conference supported by blockchain technology in the industry. Participants will experience the ArcBlock technology products firsthand. Each DevCon ticket, as well as the badges and certificates collected after attending the conference with a ticket to watch the speech, are NFTs with their own numbers, colors and patterns, and can be publicly verified.

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All participants have to download and use wallet to scan the QR code to get the free tickets, or use native ABT to purchase the premium tickets to enjoy the following privileges:

  • Access to all DevCon events
  • Premium Countdown Badge (NFT)
  • Premium Attendance Badge (NFT)
  • Premium Accomplishment Certificate (NFT)

6 days countdown

More news about ArcBlock DevCon 2021, stay tuned.