ArcBlock DevCon 2021 is scheduled to be officially held at 2 pm on June 18th, Pacific Daylight Time in the United States (5 am on June 19th, Beijing time).


ArcBlock DevCon 2021 will be held simultaneously in two tracks: "Keynotes & Demos" and "Workshop". At that time, participants will visit DevCon website, click on the schedule to watch 14 keynote speeches and product demonstrations, 2 pannel discussions and 14 workshops. You can scan the QR code to claim the NFT badge after watching each talk, and exchange all badges claimed for DevCon accomplishment certificate.

Compared to last year’s first DevCon using push-stream live broadcast, the video lectures of ArcBlock DevCon 2021 this year are completely based on the ABT node and Blocklet developed by ArcBlock. All content is generated using a combination of automatically arranged short videos, replacing the long videos and long videos and PPT explanation, this is also the first try in the developer conference.

Robert Mao, founder and CEO of ArcBlock, said that the goal of DevCon 2021 is very clear, which is to provide education resources for developers to help them understand the value of the ArcBlock platform. For this reason, the ArcBlock team and partners have carefully prepared solid content and demonstrated real technology and products. For ArcBlock, DevCon2021 is neither the starting point nor the end point, but a milestone in our journey towards decentralization step by step.

Most Updated Schedule

Keynotes & Demos

Opening: Building Blocks for Web 3.0Robert Mao--:--
DEMO: ABT Node & Why It MattersShijun Wang--:--
DEMO: ABT Launcher & Why It MattersZhenqiang Zhang--:--
Announcement & DEMO: DID WalletNate Robinson--:--
DEMO: Blocklet, What It Is, Where We Are, How It Will WorkChen Lin--:--
Developer Showcase: EV Charging SharingNana Xu--:--
Developer Showcase: Hash PostEV--:--
Developer Showcase: AeroBlock, Blockchain in AviationAlpha Bravo--:--
Developer Showcase: WYBZach Wallin--:--
Developer Interview: NFT for MusiciansRobert Mao, Zach Wallin--:--
DEMO: Block ExplorerShan Huang--:--
DEMO: Wallet PlaygroundNate Robinson--:--
DEMO Walkthrough: How We Use ArcBlock for All Our Products and WebsitesZhenqiang Zhang--:--
DEMO Walkthrough: How We Build DevCon Site/ticket/NFT with ArcBlockShan Huang--:--
Panel: DAO and NFT, what's the legal statusRobert Mao, Joe Wallin, Kyle Ellicott--:--
DEMO: NFT Marketplace kick start and games onShijun Wang
Closing: What's the Next in Our RoadmapRobert Mao--:--


ABT Node Up and RunningZhenqiang Zhang--:--
ABT Node Core Feature WalkthroughZhenqiang Zhang--:--
Blocklet Basics: Blocklet OverviewChen Lin--:--
Blocklet Basics: How to get blocklets into ABT NodePeng Li--:--
Blocklet Basics: How to develop blocklets locallyChen Lin--:--
Blocklet Basics: How to develop blocklet in GitPodChen Lin--:--
Blocklet Basics: How to build, deploy and publish blockletsChen Lin--:--
Blocklet Basics: Mastering blocklet configurationShijun Wang--:--
Blocklet Services: Mastering Auth ServiceShijun Wang--:--
Blocklet Services: Mastering Notification ServiceShijun Wang--:--
Blocklet Components: Understanding Blocklet CompositionChen Lin--:--
Blocklet Components: Creating composition blockletsChen Lin--:--
DID, Verifiable Credentials and NFTShan Huang--:--
DID WalletNate Robinson--:--
Wallet PlaygroundNate Robinson--:--

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