With the release of the iOS version on the Apple Global App Store (except for China) on July 8, 2021, the three major versions of DID Wallet (ABT Wallet 3.0) for iOS, Android and Web are all be unveiled.


As the industry's first decentralized identity wallet, ABT Wallet has continued to update and iterate since its release on May 20, 2019. Today, the ABT Wallet 3.0, which is fully released on iOS, Android and Web, has carried out hundreds of improvements, comprehensively updated and upgraded the UI and UX, and rebranded to DID wallet, hoping to fully support all Ethereum assets, enhanced NFT function support, seamless integration with DApp, brand-new interface and interaction make users use the wallet smoother and more convenient.

The latest updates about DID wallet are listed as follows:

ABT Wallet rebranded to DID Wallet

did wallet

  • DID Wallet not only supports ArcBlock's blockchain, but also provides a comprehensive support for the Ethereum ecosystem. In the future, we plan to support more blockchain networks and fully support ArcBlock's Open Chain Access Protocol (OCAP) from the perspective of wallets, so that DID wallet can exist across chains
  • More focus on DID technology. DID Wallet has set support for DID as its first goal since its release in 2019. Our wallet has always maintained a leading position in the market in supporting DID and its related Verifiable Credentials. The rebranding allows users to more directly understand the features of the product.

Brand New Web Wallet

web wallet

  • Visit web.abtwallet.io to create or import a wallet backup file to get the same functions and experience as the mobile wallet
  • More convenient to connect the ArcBlock dapps on the web

Brand New NFT Assets Page


  • Newly designed application list, card style
  • The application list page supports direct preview of some NFT assets in the application
  • The newly designed application details page, which previously aggregated and displayed the user’s balance and various NFT assets in the application dimension

New Balance Page


  • Fully support Ethereum wallet
  • Support exporting the private key of the Ethereum account, seamlessly compatible with mainstream Ethereum wallets such as MetaMask, ImToken, etc.
  • Supports the Ethereum test chain, which is convenient for developers to use DID wallet for development and debugging
  • Supports fiat currency balance display
  • Support the aggregation and display of wallet assets in the dimension of the chain, even if you interact with more chains, you can deal with it easily

Brand New Transactions Page


  • Newly designed transaction list, card style
  • The transaction list can preview the appearance of the NFT in the transaction, and you can preview it without entering the details page
  • Newly designed transaction details page, transaction details are clearly visible

NFT Support Enhanced


  • Support large image horizontal screen preview of NFT
  • Support sharing NFT with image
  • Support sending NFT
  • Support jump to NFT Marketplace to auction NFT
  • Support ArcBlock NFT Endpoint, NFT can be dynamic with the suppport of DID Auth

New Notification

  • Supports notification protocol based on ABT Node, making the wallet experience smoother

Today's release of DID Wallet is just the beginning. We will keep iteration and launch new versions with continuously improved user experience. The goal is to make DID Wallet one of the most advanced wallet products in the industry.

Now you can visit the wallet's official website to download the experience: www.abtwallet.io

Note: Apple China App Store is temporarily not available for download due to country and region legal restrictions.