By: Nate Robinson (Head of Wallet and Application, ArcBlock)

On July 17, 2021, DID Wallet released version 3.2.0 for Android.

The major updates are as follows.

  • Improve the acceleration and cancellation function of Ethereum transactions
  • Optimize the display of pass type VC in the wallet
  • Auth process support prepareTx type
  • Support the display of v3 type transactions in transaction list and transaction details
  • Optimize the pages of exit and empty wallet
  • Send Token and Asset pages support displaying more information about the recipient
  • Add animations to the sending icon of transactions
  • Support for sharing from the NFT Marketplace to directly invoke the system's sharing function
  • Support displaying a placeholder image of loading failure after an iframe loading src error
  • Asset data synchronization has been changed to incremental update to optimize the refresh experience
  • Support viewing notification messages by application dimension