Today’s Chinese New Year, we at ArcBlock wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year and make a good fortune in the upcoming “Tiger Year”!

happy chinese new year

Meanwhile, we also have some product updates.

ArcBridge in Public Beta

We launched ArcBridge public beta today. ArcBridge is a permissionless cross-chain bridge developed by ArcBlock team to interconnect ArcBlock’s high performance asset chain with other blockchains.

The technology enabling ArcBridge is “DID Rollup”. ArcBridge is the name of the service which currently bridging up ArcBlock’s asset ‘Main’ chain and Ethereum Mainnet. And a test deployment also bridges ArcBlock’s asset ‘Beta’ chain and Ethereum Rinkeby. ArcBlock’s Block Explorer has been updated and can display all status and activities of the rollup chain status and relevant transactions.

Blocklet Server 1.6.7 Released

There are a lot of bug fix and improvements to make blocklet-server more secure and easy-to-use:

  • (security): all sensitive data are encrypted in storage and stripped from api to gain better security
  • (security): support enable delete protection for important blocklets to avoid accidental service interrupt
  • (core): certificate manager is now embed into the core, to make certificate issuance and renewal more convenient
  • (core): blocklet server and blocklets now support both ip-domain and did-domain, one for development and one for production
  • (core): brand new blocklet launch workflow without logging into the server dashboard
  • (core): blocklet passport nft theme can be customized to provide better identity
  • (core): support compose blocklets in the dashboard, this will be the killer feature for blocklet server
  • (cli): polish integration with blocklet store for blocklet config, bundle, upload workflow

You can follow our document to install the latest Blocklet Server 1.6.7 with the command line. If you already have Blocklet Server earlier version installed, you can simply use the auto update feature from the Blocklet admin panel.

Blocklet Store 0.5.0 Released

Blocklet Store is still in early alpha, the 0.5 release include the following major updates:

  • (ui): support filter/search/sort blocklets on blocklet list page, both filter by category and developer are supported
  • (ui): polished blocklet detail page to display more info about the blocklets
  • (admin): polished admin dashboard for both developer and store owner to manage blocklets
  • (core): smooth create/bootstrap/upload/publish workflow for both free and paid blocklets

You can preview our hosted Blocklet store here:

In upcoming releases of 2022 we will provide a much better developer workflow and built-in decentralization for blocklet-store, so anyone can run and operate their own store as necessary.

New Roadmap

New roadmap, new website and many more coming soon!